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The role of amygdala and insular retraining in mold illness
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Thu 3 Dec 3pm PT/6pm ET (US)
Fri 4 Dec 9am QLD/10am NSW/VIC (Aus)
Ashok Gupta (The Gupta Program) and Dr. Sandeep Gupta, MD (Mold Illness Made Simple) will guide you through the how's and whys of amygdala and insular brain retraining for calming down the overactive limbic system often seen in mold illness/CIRS.
What research supports the Gupta Program?
What is the Amygdala and Insular?
How can calming down these areas help in mold illness?
Will brain retraining make me lose the ability to be attuned to mold?
Four years in the making, with all new animated slides containing the most up-to-date information, join Dr. Gupta across 30 lessons as he clarifies the mechanism, screening, diagnosis and treatment of Mold Illness/Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) -- plus the process of building inspection/IEP (Indoor Environmental Professionals) and mold remediation is also explored in-depth. Learn more.
Mold Illness Made Simple 2
has launched!
Don't miss out on this webinar